TO: NALC’s Affiliated Clubs and Individual Members

2021 sees NALC facing a significant challenge in securing the funding needed to continue its support for laryngectomees at the level it has provided since 1975. There is a real risk that before the end of the year, we may have to close our London office and lose our experienced staff.

Initially, NALC was an associated charity of Macmillan Cancer Support, who provided the funds for all of NALC’s work. As Macmillan’s activities grew and its way of working changed, it took the decision in 2013 to phase out its support for NALC. At a stroke NALC had to change its focus to include fundraising. The laryngectomee community is a relatively small but significant community, many of whom benefit greatly from the help and support that NALC can give to them. We are not able to attract the scale of resources that other cancer groups can attract.

However we have been able to continue our work with the benefit of grants from charitable trusts, legacies, support from manufacturers of laryngectomee items and donations from laryngectomee clubs and individuals. But in 2020, the arrival of Covid 19 drastically changed the situation for the worse. The lockdown restrictions meant fundraising activities such as coffee mornings or sponsored events could not happen. Charities, large and small, across the UK faced an immediate loss of funds. Inevitably, charitable trusts saw a massive increase in request for grants, and have been unable to meet the increased demand.

Currently NALC provides assistance to over 50 hospital trusts, supporting their laryngectomy patients with the provision of information packs and emergency items such as wristbands and car stickers. We distribute 3000 copies of our newsletter CLAN and a similar number are downloaded from our website. Our Youtube channel streams over 1000 videos each month. Our office is a unique national resource. By way of example, care homes about to admit a larynegctomee frequently contact us as do laryngectomees experiencing difficulties whilst on holiday abroad or in the UK.

We need the support of the laryngectomee community if we are to be able continue our work into 2022. The Captain Tom 100campaign has shown how, despite Covid, fundraising can be adapted to continue to support vital causes.  To celebrate what would have been his 101stbirthday, they recommend finding a challenge around the number 100, whether it is baking 100 cakes, running 100 metres or anything similar. Please consider how you might employ a similar approach to support NALC, with the help of club members, family and friends. NALC would be happy to publicise any efforts on our social media to generate support if you are able to let us know in advance.

This is an urgent appeal for your help and we hope you will be able to assist us.

Malcolm Babb

NALC President

National Association of Laryngectomee Clubs
Suite 16
Tempo House
15 Falcon Road
SW11 2PJ

Tel:   0207 730 8585

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