Firstly, a huge thankyou to Luke and his team at Castle Creativity for creating this fantastic new website for us. We all really appreciate your help and support for our group and without it we would have struggled to make this website possible.


Our aim for the website alongside our current Facebook page is to help and promote the Oldham Quiet Ones laryngectomy support group and to offer advice and friendship to laryngectomees everywhere. Including links to companies and organisations that offer help and support to all laryngectomees.


If anyone has any information or comments they would like to include on our website please email us at and we will try our best to get it posted.                Hope you find it useful

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  1. I have received a recommendation that you would be a good group to join,well how can I doubt that having been born and bred in Oldham a little while ago (75 yrs)

    Just had a voice valve fitted one month ago, after 13 months of silence. I live in sheepstealers country, have done for 60 years, they are a pleasant lot. Look forward to having a good look at your site.

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